2016 – Above Alaska Aviation Super Cub Jo Livermont (Dillingham, AK)

2016 – Above Alaska Aviation Super Cub

Jo Livermont (Dillingham, AK)

2015 Winner

2015 – Super Cub

Tryg Erickson (Willow, AK)

2014 Winner

2014 – Dan’s Aircraft Repair Super Cub

Mike Gibney (Pleasanton, CA)

2013 Winner

2013 – 2007 Aviat Husky

Dr. Phil Priebe (Anchorage, AK)

2012 Winner

2012 – Airframes Alaska

Eric Bates (Anchorage, AK)

2011 Winner

2011 – Dan’s Aircraft Repair

James Schoenmann (Jackman, ME)

2010 Winner

2010 – Dan’s Aircraft Repair Super Cub

Jim Sitkiewicz (Anchorage, AK)

2009 Winner

2009 – Aviat Husky A-1C

RC Cline (Wasilla, AK)

Raffle tickets are now available to purchase!

Alaska State Law prohibits selling tickets online. In order to purchase tickets, please call us at one of the numbers listed below.

Drawing is May 6, 2018 at the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering. Only 8750 tickets sold. Last year's tickets sold out two weeks before the drawing.

Alaska Gaming Permit #1343

Federal ID 92-0074966




To buy your raffle tickets, call us at:





Tickets Prices:

10 for $550

5 for $275

1 for $60


Follow us on Social Media for the latest updates:


You can purchase tickets at the following locations in-person around Alaska soon!

You can also purchase raffle tickets at various kiosks in several locations around Alaska. Some of these kiosks are operational while a few are still being set up. Check back here for the latest updates.



Airmen Headquarters at Lake Hood  [Operational]

Northern Lights Avionics at Merrill Field [Operational]

Stoddard’s at Merrill Field [Not yet operational]


Glacier Aircraft Parts [Not yet operational]


Northland Aviation Services [Not yet operational]



Our Raffle will include these FIVE NEW and exciting prizes!

1st Prize

A PA-18-150 Super Cub with two wheel sets and floats!


2nd Prize

Aerocet 3500L Straight Floats

2nd prize

3rd prize

  LC18XL Carbon Pod

Donated by Airglas

3rd prize -1

4th Prize

Garmin 796 Touchscreen GPS

Donated by Garmin & Northern Lights Avionics

aera 796 View UNITED STATES

5th Prize

Bose A20 Aviation Headset

Donated by Bose

5th place prize -Aviation_Headset_A20_082_HR (2) (1)
2008 Winner

2008- Dan’s Aircraft Repair Super Cub

Mel Sheppard (Anchorage, AK)

2007 Winner

2007 – CubCrafter’s 11-100 Light Sport Cub

George Carley (Fort Gratiot, MI)

2006 Winner

2006 – Northern Piper Aviation Super Cub

Harold Esmailka (Ruby, AK)

2005 Winner

2005 – American Champion Scout

Scott Johannes (Wasilla, AK)

2004 Winner

2004 – Dan’s Aircraft Repair Super Cub

David Foster (Davies, FL)

2003 WInner

2003 – Maule M-7

Julie Williamson (Gakona, AK)

2002 Winner

2002 – CubCrafters Top Cub Super Cub

Becky Ledbetter (Anchorage, AK)

2001 Winner

2001- Husky A-1B

David Ballard (Anchorage, AK)

2000 Winner

2000 – Cesna 172

Linda Trusdale (Anchorage, AK)

Terms and Conditions

No more than 8750 tickets will be sold for The Alaska Airmen’s Association (“the Association”)
There is no limit to how many tickets may be purchased by one person.
Board and staff members of the Association are not eligible to purchase tickets.
Presence is not required to win.
Odds of winning are dependent on total tickets purchased, total tickets sold, and number of prizes awarded.
Limit of one prize per ticket. Winning ticket holders agree to unrestricted use by the Association
of the winner’s name and address information, and any photo or video images of
the winner to promote activities of the Association. Tickets are not transferable. The
individual(s) named on the winning ticket will be responsible for payment of all
required tax withholdings and completion of all required regulatory paperwork before
assuming ownership and taking possession of a prize. In the event that a prize becomes
unavailable to award at the time of the drawing the Association will, at its sole discretion,
reschedule the drawing or award date, or schedule a date to award the cash equivalent of its
contracted cost to purchase the prize from the vendor supplying the prize to the Association. In
the event a winner is unable to take possession of a prize under these terms within 45 days of
the date the winning ticket was drawn, the winner will automatically forfeit the prize without
refund or other compensation unless other arrangements are agreed to in writing between the
winner and the Association before expiration of the stated time limit for taking possession. If a
prize is forfeited, all tickets not drawn in the previous drawing will automatically be entered
into new drawings as needed to determine a new winner. Announcement of any additional or
rescheduled drawing dates will be posted online at www.alaskaairmen.org. All prizes will be
awarded on or before 12/31/18.

Winning 2018 Raffle Paint Scheme

Aircraft Parts
2017-09-18 Sealing the Deal With Drew

Congratulations to Above Alaska Aviation for winning the 2018 Alaska Airmen Raffle Bid!

2017 Raffle Airplane Winner

Congratulations to Jim Williams from Nebraska!

Raffle Airplane Winner
Jim Williams Raffle Winner

See the 2017 Super Cub in Action: