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Other Scholarships

The Alaska Airmen Association's mission is to promote Aviation in Alaska. It is our dream to see more young people catch the flying bug. We want to give you as many options as possible! These are a few of our friends in the industry, giving away some great scholarships.

Women in Aviation - Last Frontier Chapter Scholarship

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Alaska 99s - Aimee Moore Memorial Flight Scholarship

Open to female Alaska residents 16 years or older. Scholarship is for a Private license or an Advanced Rating/Endorsement. Must complete by October 2021. If applying for a private rating enclose a copy of your solo endorsement and current FAA physical. Application online and due April 15, 2020.

For more information and scholarship applications, please click here.

Tyler Orsow - Chuck Kimes Forever Flying Scholarship

This scholarship is intended to introduce aspiring young pilots to the world of seaplane flying. Each scholarship will fund a complete seaplane training program for a single engine sea rating. For more information and scholarship applications, please click here.

National Gay Pilots Association - Various Scholarships

The cost of education and training is one of the most challenging barriers to entry for those interested in a career in aviation. Whether it's getting a private pilot's license, an advanced certificate or rating, or even an A&P license or float plane endorsement, NGPA scholarships provide a stepping stone for aspiring individuals at a crucial point in their education. For more information and scholarship applications, please click here.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - Various Scholarships

With unprecedented demand for pilots, technicians, and crewmembers, now is a great time to enter aviation. The AOPA offers a wide variety of scholarships for aspiring pilots. For more information and scholarship applications, please click here.

High School to Flight School Scholarship Program

High School to Flight School started with a simple idea: What if we could help students passionate about flying while also helping our local community.


HSFS covers all costs associated with obtaining a private pilot license, including flight physical, test fees, and flight time. The program is designed for high school students who have always dreamed of flying, but do not have the financial means to pursue their passion.


HSFS student pilots “earn” their flight time by volunteering with a local community service organization or project of their choice. Every hour of volunteer time worked is an hour of flight time earned.


Students not only benefit from financial assistance, but through HSFS are introduced to a community of pilots they can relate to and, most importantly, learn from. Scholarship students work with a dedicated HSFS mentor throughout their flight training.

Additional Resources

Graduate students in Anchorage can reach success in their academic and career goals given the right education and resources. Their success help Anchorage's businesses, institutions, and communities, and it's our goal to help them achieve it.

With this in mind, we at have developed a series of guides to fundamental enrollment factors influencing our graduate students, including financial aid, program choice, and minority considerations. We hope to get the reference materials in the hands of as many students as possible, with the help of others.

Graduate Student Resources Suite

Program Essentials –

HBCU Programs –

LGBT Scholarships –

Financial Aid Guide –