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Alaska Aviation Resources

The following resources are provided by parties such as the US Government, State of Alaska, and partnered organizations with the Alaska Airmen Association to assist Alaskan aviators in navigating on the last frontier.


You can support us in hosting data packages and keeping an up-to-date list of available resources by becoming an Airmen member below. We will always keep these data packages and resources publicly accessible and free of charge as they promote aviation safety.

Anchorage Area Tools


Anchorage Area VFR Procedures for ForeFlight

Last Update: Monday, April 8th, 2019


VFR Appoach & Departure Procedure Overlays for the Anchorage Area


  1. Access this page using Safari or an alternative web browser on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Download the data package by clicking the button below. Once prompted, Select "Or continue to website" and Click the three dot icon in the top right hand corner and select "direct download" (Download may take up to two minutes)
  3. Select Open in "ForeFlight" when prompted.
  4. The overlays may now be found under "layers" in ForeFlight which can be accessed by clicking the top left button within the app.




Lake Hood Arrival & Departure Procedures explained by fly8MA

PALH Arrival Procedures

PALH Departure Procedures

Alaska Specific Tools:


Alaska Aviation Weather Unit

A tool to help with flight planning weather items such as METARS, TAFs, winds aloft, surface observations, significant weather, area forecasts, and radar for flights within Alaska.


Alaska Aviation Weather Cameras

The FAA hosts over 230 camera sites throughout the state of Alaska as a supplementary weather product for current weather conditions and flight planning purposes.


Alaska Wildfires Smoke Forecast Page

Provided by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this tool provides real-time 72 hour forecasts for wildfire smoke coverage over the State of Alaska.


Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center

For float plane flying, the Alaska-Pacific River Forecast Center offers river forecasts which can be beneficial for planning off-airport operations.


Alaska Aquatic Invasive Species

This site will help you determine if the weeds in your lake are invasive and includes information on what to do if they are.


This is a great tool to get information about flying in and around Denali National Park. The reporting points map may be downloaded from this website for use with Aviation GPS units and apps such as Foreflight.

General Tools with Alaska Functionality:



SkyVector is a free flight planning tool offering world-wide aeronautical charts, online mapping, and related flight planning products and services. SkyVector combines unique aeronautical mapping with weather and data overlays, airport information, FBO listings, and more.


Aviation Weather Center

The official Aviation Weather Center hosted by NOAA National Weather Service. Although lower-48 centric, most tools do offer Alaska specific components.


Low Altitude Interpolated Weather Tool (Aviation Weather Center)

Low altitude interpolated weather tool developed by the National Weather Service for Helicopter EMS providers. (Decent functionality for Alaska).


NOAA Tide Predictions 

Helpful for seaplane and beach operations.


FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions

The official Federal Aviation Administration Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) website.


Defense Internet NOTAM Service

Military Airspace NOTAMs Page


Special Use Airspace Status Page

FAA Special Use Airspace Status Page


Leidos Flight Planning Website

While primarily for Lower 48 pilots there are many great resources for Alaska Aviators for flight planning and online weather briefings.