Alaska Airmen Association Headquarters - Lake Hood, Alaska

The Alaska Airmen’s Association is the largest state general aviation group in Alaska. It is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whose sole purpose is to promote and preserve aviation in our Great State. Established in 1951 as an Alaskan Corporation it is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, 10 are elected by the membership and 4 appointed Regional Directors. We have nearly 2,000 members!




Who are the Airmen?

Membership includes all pilots, student through ATP, mechanics, airline employees, aviation enthusiasts and any individual or business that has an interest in flying. Membership is open to everyone, including non-Alaska residents. Our members reside in 5 countries, 46 states, and represent members in 50 Alaskan cities and villages.


Why should you join?

The Airmen maintain an active liaison with agencies and departments of the United States, the State of Alaska and local governments that are charged with the responsibility of regulating general aviation. Everyday we are addressing important issues such as the closure of airstrips, airspace, state leasing regulations, weather, aircraft taxing, etc. Volunteers sit on numerous committees statewide representing you and the interests of general aviation. You also receive a substantial member benefit package when you join. The quarterly newsletter keeps you up-to-date on Association activities such as pilot safety meetings, poker runs, swap meets, banquets, and special events. Membership discounts are available around the state on fuel (up to .25 cents per gallon), aviation parts, survival equipment, labor and much more. Use your Airmen’s membership card to save!


Where are we located?

Lake Hood Seaplane Base is the location of our headquarter office. We are temporarily located in the Lake Aire Complex at 4451 Aircraft Dr, Anchorage 99502.  In April of 2005 we opened a new Northern Office in Fairbanks, 3788 S. University Avenue, East Ramp, Fairbanks Intl. Airport. This is the MAC Managing, LLC hangar, between CAP and the Tower on the first floor.