Hello members, friends and other supporters of the Alaska Airmen's Association. 

Several major events have occurred recently and I'd like to tell you about them:

First, in an effort to determine a sustainable path and strategy for the future of the Airmen's, the Board had struggled to find a healthy spirit. Every single one of us became discouraged, then considered resignation and spoke about it, either one-on-one or with the group, or, made it clear to the others that they were not happy with direction of the Association or the majority-vote decisions of the Board of Directors. 

As I considered my own resignation, it became obvious to me that it would have to wait, no matter how frustrated I was. The majority Board vote to finally proceed with the construction of our new HQ building at Lake Hood was easily the largest financial risk the Association had ever faced and as the Building Committee Chair, I was on the hook to see it through to completion. A Boy Scout's ethics demand of him to give his best. Quitting was not an option. I stayed.  

The tension ebbed and rose until our President called a special meeting last month. This resulted in a vote to reorganize the Board with two Directors leaving us. Social media and other sources will tell you the names, but I am here to tell you that in my opinion, both gentlemen contributed greatly and valuably to the Association. Neither of them did anything wrong and they are important members of our aviation and wider community. 

Collectively, the Board has not functioned perfectly: Our bylaws were partially obsolete or misunderstood. Sometimes, our parliamentary procedure was incomplete or marginal. In any case, we gave our best effort and the intentions were sincere. 

Second, our Executive Director Dee Hanson, started talking about retirement several years ago and with many months notice, advised the Board that she would leave us as ED at the of May 2016. She was successful in her goal, has retired from the Airmens and passed the torch to her successor Corey Hester. He will never be like Dee, as no one ever could or should be. He will make his own path and we are looking forward to seeing his ideas and energy turn into action and results. 

Third.  Josh Overturf resigned from his position as President this week. This triggered a shuffle of titles and responsibilities with the executives now arranged as follows:

Sven Lincke, President and Chair of the building committee. 

David Delcourt, Vice President and Northern representative. 

John Dahlen, Treasurer.

Dennis Bedford, Secretary and SE AK representative. 

Grant Funk, Western AK representative. 

Josh Overturf, Southcentral AK representative. 

Fourth. The new building is only days away from completion. We expect to be given a Conditional Certificate of Occupancy a few days from now. We will be vacating our temporary offices in July and moving in soon. 

Come and see it! Surely one of the best locations in Anchorage, it will be a gathering place for not only the aviation community we serve, but also a favorite venue others would like to use it for their celebrations, parties, events and other meetings. We hope that it will become a catalyst allowing us to attract new members and inspire more people to become excited about GA in Alaska. 

A C+ student myself, I don't remember much from school, but one thing I heard has remained with me and served me well. 

Winston Churchill said something like this.  "First we shape our buildings, then they shape us". 

Through volunteer effort, financial support and membership, you will help to shape our future. 

Please contact me directly if you would like to share your thoughts, questions or comments. I will expect you to not only bring ideas and criticism, but also solutions and personal effort. 


Sven Lincke - President & Chairman of the Board