The NEXT GEN group

The Next Gen Aviator Group is a group of millennials whose mission is to increase youth interest in general aviation here in Alaska. Through seminars and the utilization of simulators and introductory flights, the Nextgen Group is looking to jump start the next generation of pilots. The Next Gen Group consists of an executive team with positions representing pilots, mechanics, government, and air traffic controllers. The intent behind having a variety of industry representatives is to show all avenues of today's aviation industry to Alaskan youth. 

The Alaska Young Ravens

The Alaska Young Ravens program offers up to four discovery flights and aviation outreach events annually throughout the state of Alaska. The Alaska Young Ravens program is promoted through the Alaska Airmen trade show, annual fly-ins, and through local school participation. The goal is to introduce a greater number of Alaska’s youth to general aviation and the industry.  Participant ages range from 8 to 17.  The 20-to-30-minute discovery flight introduces Alaskan youth to a perspective only Alaskan pilots know.  Discovery flights are offered through Alaska Airmen volunteers who are experienced, current, rated, and insured for the aircraft which they operate. 

how to get involved

The NextGen Aviator Group is looking for Alaska Airmen volunteers who own an aircraft and would be willing to donate some flight time to introduce flying to Alaska’s youth. If you are interested in getting the next generation more involved in aviation, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Oscar Sigl at the Alaska Airmen Association. He can be reached at the main office number, or emailed at