New Headquarters Building Underway! 


Hello Members and Friends,


We are out of the ground! The steel pilings have been driven deeply into the soil of the Lake Hood shoreline and are ready to carry our new building for several decades to come.


The lengthy process to a gain a building permit was concluded just a few weeks ago and our builder Crown Pointe Homes has been making every effort to still meet a self imposed deadline of Gathering Friday (4/29) for having a substantially complete structure by then. We are ecstatic to have such a motivated and disciplined company working for us. Crown Pointe owner Wes and his son Chris have taken a significant personal interest in our project and may even be more excited than we are about finally making some progress!


The steel sub frame upon which the floor and walls will be resting has been welded into place and the framers started their work on Monday, March 20th. Today, all exterior walls are in place and we are expecting the truss system to be lifted into place the first week of April – no joke!


You are welcome to visit the job site at 4200 Floatplane Drive, but please remember to bring your hard hat and be sure to check in with the site superintendent before stepping into the dirt.


Sven Lincke

Building Committee Chair