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Current Issues 

The following is a sample of some of the issues the Airmen Association is advocating for or against on your behalf. Look for updates in the next Transponder, in eBulletins and on our FaceBook page. If you have questions, comments or know of new issues please contact Adam White ( or 907-322-1098).  As always, when you file your public comments please copy the Alaska Airmen Association.  This helps us know and understand your needs and opinions.

The following are some of the hot issues the Airmen are currently tracking and working on your behalf. We are working several issues that are behind the scenes and could become public shortly please keep a close watch on our website read our eBulletins and visit our social media pages for more timely updates.


ADS-B Rebate

The Rebate program is now live!

            The FAA recently announced a program to give $500 rebates for single engine piston aircraft equipping with 2020 compliant ADS-B out radios after this September. This rebate is not retroactive and is only available to those planning to equip within the next 90 days. The FAA is worried that there will not be enough folks equipping to make critical mass for the NextGen system to be as robust as planned. Alaska still lacks the FAA infrastructure to have what the Airmen Association would consider a “Minimum Operational Network” of ground stations for the altitudes and routes most GA travel. Are you planning to equip? Make sure you do your homework as to what features and systems would work best for your airfare and type of flying. You better not drag your feet if you plan to take advantage of the FAA’s rebate program, there are only 20,000 slots available.

            See Tom George’s article on ADS-B coverage in this edition of the Transponder.


Cold Weather Restricted Airports

            We are coming into the time of year when the temperatures are dropping and we need to consider how colder than standard temps affect our aircraft’s performance, altimeter errors and how we fly. Don’t forget to read up on the FAA’s relatively new Cold Temperature Restricted Airports procedures found in the Notices To Airmen Publication (NTAP). A quick web search should help you find the full text of that document.


Alaska Weather

            Do you watch the program “Alaska Weather” on Public TV? If you do then you have noticed a change that times and outlets recently. See feature article in this edition of the Transponder for more information.


Alaska IFR Enroute System

            One way the Airmen is helping change the landscape of navigation in Alaska is by participating in RTCA. ( ) This group is “chartered by the FAA to operate Federal Advisory Committees, RTCA employs a consensus-driven process to generate minimum performance standards for Communications, Navigation and Surveillance systems and Air Traffic Management systems and equipment; to forge recommendations on key aviation policies, and identifying and developing mitigation on issues affecting air traffic management operations. RTCA’s performance standards form the basis for FAA regulatory requirements; RTCA’s policy advice informs the FAA’s prioritization and investment decisions; and RTCA’s tactical advice helps resolve real-world impediments to air transportation today.”

            Basically, membership in this group allows us (the Airmen) to be more effective and proactive in helping the FAA determine policy and direction for Alaska and the rest of the nation. Thank you to those of you who participated in the two online surveys we conducted with AOPA to find out how pilots are using the IFR Enroute system.

            You may wonder why this is important to our membership since a vast majority do not fly IFR. The VFR flyers greatly benefit for the IFR infrastructure, probably more than you realize. Have you ever used a VOR to navigate? Ever had ATC call out traffic for you? Remember how nice it is to see those runway lights in marginal weather? Do you have a GPS of any kind in your airplane? These are just a few of the things that greatly benefit the VFR would that are a direct result of the IFR world’s requirements. It is the ultimate in “trickle down” benefits.

            For more information on this topic see the feature article in this edition of the Transponder.


NWS AAWU website changes

            If you haven’t already noticed, there are a lot of changes on the National Weather Service’s (NWS) websites recently. There is a planned major redesign of the Alaska Aviation Weather Unit’s (AAWU) pages. These changes are a result of a mandate for NWS websites to be standardized across the nation and across different offices. We are working with the AAWU to help make these changes as smoothly as possible and to schedule them at times that will be the least disruptive. Initial release was planned for the first of September just as folks are in the throws of hunting season. Look for more information on our Facebook page as these changes get closer.


WX Cam updates/app

            There are new “third party” cameras being added to the Weather Camera Website constantly. These cameras are not owned or operated by the FAA but provide vital information to the Aviation Community. Two of the latest are on the Kahiltna and Ruth Glaciers in Denali NP. 

            The mobile app is getting better with every beta release. The Airmen Association has been one of the testers and we promise that you will love what this app will do for your flight planning. Anticipated release to the public is before the end of the year.



If you have questions, comments or know of new issues please contact Adam White ( or 907-322-1098).  As always, when you file your public comments please copy the Alaska Airmen Association.  This helps us know and understand your needs and opinions. Keep a close watch on the Airmen’s Facebook page for the latest information on how we are advocating for Aviation in Alaska on your behalf.